Webinar Series

As a participants

19. 11.2020: SMARTER 2020 Conference Webinar Series, Quality of Life in (European) Cities: Are Cities Inclusive, Safe, Resilient and Sustainable?

18.11.2020: Pioneering Canada-Africa Start-up Innovation: Exploring Pan-African Investment & Collaboration, Ottawa, Canada

9-16.11.2020: RSA Global Programme

Europe: Monday 09.11.2020

  • Places that don’t matter and their policy implications.

  • Place-based Leadership

  • The Role of Institutions in Innovation and Regional Development

Africa: Wednesday 11.11.2020

  • Post-Conflict Reconstruction in the MENA region

  • Regional Planning, Integration and Security in Nigeria

  • Urbanisation, Economic Density, and the Pandemic

Latin America: Friday 13.11.2020

  • Is Urbanization in the Global South Fundamentally Different? Comparative Global Urban Analysis for the 21st Century

  • Local Economic Development in Latin America

North America: Monday 16.11.2020

  • Economic Nationalism, Migration Management, and North American Regional Integration in a Global

  • Regional Lives of Migration

25-27.10.2020: Young Scholars Initiative (YSI) Workshop on Knowledge, Innovation and Regional Development, Brazil